Push Up Program

I have gotten the family into another fitness routine and this one is a toughie.  We have started the hundred push up program

Rod started out saying that push ups were easy and no problem.  He decided he was good enough to skip the first weeks because they were “too easy”.  Week 5 proved to Rod that this program was not for sissies.  Madre started the program unable to do 2 “boy” push ups, but she is determined to complete the program.  The goal is to complete 100 push ups in one shot.  I am having to take the program a bit slow.  I made the first 2 weeks on level 3 and then on week 3 I had to repeat the week.  Week 4 I did level 2 and then level 3.  Not only are Rod and Molly doing the program, but I have convinced my boyfriend Eric to do it too!  He is ahead of me on week 5 level 3.  Everyone in the family can tell a noticeable difference in our strength and muscle definition.  It may only be a few minutes, 3 times a week, but this program is truly hard.  Wish us luck as we strive for 100!