Rod needs to blog

So here I am helping him out.

Of course, I really don’t know what I’m doing on this blog, or really what I want to write about. How about my fears about this trip. Let me get those out of the way first.

Having not climbed at altitude like we are going to do, I’m having a hard time imagining what that will feel like, or will my body be able to withstand the heights. Closely following that is the capacity of my physical strength to climb so many mountains in a short amount of time. I know what it feels like the next few days after a heavy hike or climb, and how sore I am, and tired. We are compressing all of this into a relatively short span of time. My hope is that the body will do what you ask it to do, and that like running/racing its a matter of mental toughness.

When Chelsey and I went to Nepal we trekked for hours at a time up and down at high altitude. We had no idea what we were getting into. At least this time we have a better idea and are in better shape. After a few days we got our hiking legs. I’m hoping this trip will be the same.

Holidays 2011

Today, Micah left to go back to Bogata, Columbia.  With his leaving it definitely feels like the holidays have come to an end, even though technically they were over after New Years.  Last night we had Shem and Micah, Chelsey and Eric over for a braised rib dinner.  It was quite good, and it seems like everyone enjoyed themselves.

As far as this blog is concerned I intend to use it consistently this year, just recording days events as they pass by.  I always mean to do it, but never seem to do it.  Recently, I read that the way to keep up on it is to post something daily.  Don’t know if I can do that, but will try.  I also have some tools (IPhone, and an Ipad), that should help.  I also want to post alot of pictures.

Pool lesson

Had my first billiard lesson on Friday. It was very clear that I have a long ways to go. My instructor was a pro player at age 13 and has made his living his entire life either instructing or playing for money. He can do things that I’ve never seen with the que. Amazing. He is working on my stance and alignment. My stroke is good.


I’m taking care of Navarre once a month on Mondays. It has been terrific. We go to the park, play with things from “Grandad’s Go Ducks Bag”. Last Monday I took him to the Occupational Therapist. It was very interesting and Navarre seemed to enjoy himself. He also turned 4 in Oct. 10th.

Shem and Erica’s New Home

We visited today Shem, Erica and Navarre’s new home.  They have a 1920’s home that has been totally remodeled from every standpoint.  The roof was taken off and what was simply an attic is now 3 bedrooms, a bath and a half, and a sitting room.  It is beautiful.  The lower level sports a new kitchen ad 2 rooms that have been completely remodeled.  They also have brand a brand new HVAC system, and new electrical wiring.  They will move in next weekend.

Grammy Sally and McKenzie

Grammy Sally came back from her Panama cruise to be greeted by her new puppy, Mckenzie, the half brother of Merlin.  He is about 1/2 the size of Merlin and will probably be about 10 lbs. at full weight, while Merlin will be 15 lbs.  Merlin, initially was very aggressive (mean) to McKenzie, but after establishing the correct pecking order they played, wrestled, kissed and had a great time.  Sally is thrilled with McKenzie, and they already to seem have bonded.  She is very excited t have something to do, something to care for, and to have company.  McKenzie is

perfect for her.

Molly and Grammy with their Good Boys
What have I done?
My God this dog is cute
Aaaaah, so cute.
Good puppies.