Grammy Sally and McKenzie

Grammy Sally came back from her Panama cruise to be greeted by her new puppy, Mckenzie, the half brother of Merlin.  He is about 1/2 the size of Merlin and will probably be about 10 lbs. at full weight, while Merlin will be 15 lbs.  Merlin, initially was very aggressive (mean) to McKenzie, but after establishing the correct pecking order they played, wrestled, kissed and had a great time.  Sally is thrilled with McKenzie, and they already to seem have bonded.  She is very excited t have something to do, something to care for, and to have company.  McKenzie is

perfect for her.

Molly and Grammy with their Good Boys
What have I done?
My God this dog is cute
Aaaaah, so cute.
Good puppies.

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