Juneau Christmas 2008
Juneau Christmas 2008

When we went to Palm Desert on vacation we put Junea in a doggy hotel at Pets Mart.  He has stayed there in the past.  When we picked him up after the week he looked like he had lost alot of weight.  He did not look good.  We took him home to discover that he wouldn’t eat and wasn’t drinking much.

After a couple of days it was very troubling, so on Wednesday I took him back to the Vet at Petsmart.  They took his blood and discovered that his liver and kidney functions were completely shutting down, which was the cause of him not eating or drinking.  The Vet said that it was not good.  I asked if I just take him home and let him die, and she replied that we should not take him home, but rather put him to sleep.  I was distraught, and immediately called Molly, who was in one of the Fred Meyer stores.  She drove immediately home, and I went to pick her up and then back to the Vets.

It was very difficult.  We spent some time with him telling him what a good boy he had been, while Molly held him.  The Vet came in and injected him, and he quietly passed.  It couldn’t have been more difficult or sad.  Molly loved Juneau so much, and he for sure loved her the most.    When we got home she called Chelsey, who also was very sad.

Juneau lived a very good life.  He was well loved and cared for, and we think he was very happy with his life.  For days afterwards our actions and things we did seemed to be missing something because Juneau had always been a part of everything we did, whether eating, watching tv, going to bed, or whatever, he was always there.  We still miss him.

Vacation – Palm Desert

Molly, and I went to Palm Desert a couple of weeks ago.   We had a terrific time golfing, shopping, and having wonderful meals.  Since, Molly sleeps in a little later than I upon rising I would go to a Marriott Resort have coffee at their Starbucks, and read a free Wall Street Journal.  It was a wonderful way to begin the day waiting for Molly to get up.

Typically, when Molly would get up we would go work out at the Golf club where we were staying.  The work out facility wasn’t great, but completely satisfactory.  After working out and breakfast, we would clean  up and enjoy a relaxed day.  Other than golfing we never had a specific agenda, and that was perfect.

One reason we went to Palm Desert this time of year is that there is an annual art fair in Indian Wells.  It has lots of wonderful art and all the booths have the artists.  We met a vendor of Molly’s wife, who is an artist at the fair, which ended up in all of us going to dinner in an Italian Restaurt in El Pacseo.  We didn’t purchase any art, but had a great day just looking around and getting better ideas of what we like.

The weather was in the low 80’s every day, and we plan to go back again.  Its the perfect vacation for us.