Push Up Program

I have gotten the family into another fitness routine and this one is a toughie.  We have started the hundred push up program

Rod started out saying that push ups were easy and no problem.  He decided he was good enough to skip the first weeks because they were “too easy”.  Week 5 proved to Rod that this program was not for sissies.  Madre started the program unable to do 2 “boy” push ups, but she is determined to complete the program.  The goal is to complete 100 push ups in one shot.  I am having to take the program a bit slow.  I made the first 2 weeks on level 3 and then on week 3 I had to repeat the week.  Week 4 I did level 2 and then level 3.  Not only are Rod and Molly doing the program, but I have convinced my boyfriend Eric to do it too!  He is ahead of me on week 5 level 3.  Everyone in the family can tell a noticeable difference in our strength and muscle definition.  It may only be a few minutes, 3 times a week, but this program is truly hard.  Wish us luck as we strive for 100!

Malone family Christmas Dinner 2008

Navarre, Sherry, Shem, Micah, & Erica
Eric, Navarre, Sherry, Shem, Micah, & Erica playing Wii

Christmas celebration for the Malone family was held on Saturday, December 20th, 2008.  It was a marvelous day, and truly a white Christmas because it had snowed for a couple of days.   We were nervous that the day might not happen if family couldn’t get here, but everyone had chains, and had no problems coming or going.  While everyone was here,  it snowed several more inches.  But it added a cozy, charm to the day, and it was beautiful from the Condo.

Snow on Condo West Terrace

Of course the real charm of the day was Navarre.  He was great all day, as he explored the condo, played with toys, and  the buses.  Periodically, throughout the day we went around and looked at the clocks.  He is truly fascinated with them, and loves to oberseve the movements, and listen to the tick, tock.  He is a terrific, but willful boy.

Chelsey and Navarre
Aunt Chelsey and Navarre

Christmas presents were exchanged, and we had dinner, which consisted of Prime Rib, twice baked sweet potatoes, a wild rice dish, a spinach, fruit salad.  Quite good.  I was a little short on the prime rib.

On the actual Christmas day, Shem, Erica and Navarre spent it with her folks in Eugene.  Micah spent Christmas eve with his mom, and then Micah and Sherry spent Christmas afternoon, and the evening with Molly, Chelsey, Eric and myself .  After dinner we all played games (dominoes, and cards), and very much enjoyed ourselves.  Micah left for Florida the day after Christmas to be part of a friends wedding.

Hannum & Malone Christmas Dinner 2008

Hannum Christmas at the Malone's
Hannum Christmas at the Malone's

Christmas for the Hannum and Malone family this year  was held at the Malone’s on Saturday the 27th.  It was the only time that we could all get together.  We were pleased that all the family showed up, including children (although none are exactly children any longer).

We exchanged our gifts, which this year tended towards DVD’s, but  noticeably missing MaryAnne’s fudge.  MaryAnne, said that last year everyone said they were on a diet, so she didn’t bring any.  Nevertheless the fudge was missed.   Also, missed was the normal stealing back and forth of the “white elephant” gifts.  Probably, because most were DVD’s.

Dinner, was excellent, if the cook says so himself.  We had prime rib, a baked dish of sweetpotatoes, and apples, asparagus with chantrelle, garlic and balsamic vinegar.  MaryAnne brought a green salad with almonds.   Molly and Chelsey made Grandma Sloans chocolate mousse, which everyone enjoyed.

Delicious Rib Eye Roast
Sunset from condo

This was the largest number of people we have had for a sitdown dinner at our new home.   We had 13 people at the table as we looked over the Willamette River.

Condo View from West Terrace

It was great to catch up with everyone, and we wished that we had more opportunities, and of course time to stay in touch with Molly’s family.  Fortunately, we have Sally who keeps us abreast of what everyone is doing throughout the year.

Rod, Eric and Chelsey
Penny, Jeff, Tyler and Eric
Tess, MaryAnne, Jamie and Ryan
Rod, Molly, Chelsey, and Eric

Christmas present

What a surprise Christmas present, for Molly and I was this website , constructed by Eric Thompson, Chelsey’s boyfriend.  Having never had a website, or for that matter ever blogged, this is quite a new experience. The exciting thing is that all of our photos can become catergorized for not only us to view, but also for our friends and relatives to view.  With Eric’s help, we’ll figure out how to use this.  As you get onto this blog, we would love to hear from you all.